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About Us

About Efficienergi

As Independent Consultants, we reshape the way people manage their Electrical Networks with our in-house product team and technical experts. 
Our expertise and tech applications improve reliability and efficiencies of various electrical networks, while delivering safety and compliance.
With each new project or facility powered by our platform - secqr®, we get closer to an Electrically Safer, Reliable and Risk-free India.

Awards and Recognition

Our Values

Uncompromising value to client 

Holistic & Continual Risk Management

Vendor Neutrality - unbiased recommendations, always

Actionable insights for actual improvements

Immediate adoption of latest standards/compliances

Agile philosophy to keep secqr® ever-improving 

We strive for

  • Improving safety by reduce risks to life and equipment
  • Help save energy by focusing on inefficiencies
  • Assist in making the facilities compliant 
  • Enhance quality by identifying gaps / poor installations
  • Analyze data and expose vulnerabilities, thus improving electrical infrastructure reliability.