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Data Centers


Efficienergi have been helping India’s top 10 Data Centers for over a decade with our Testing and Commissioning Services

  • Capable engineers trained and experienced to work in mission critical environments
  • Effective and efficient test methodologies backed with technological innovations
  • Dedicated technical analysts powered by secqr® for accurate and timebound report delivery
  • Industry leading, software, Power Quality Analyzers and test equipment for precise measurement and analysis
  • Time bound, simple, actionable recommendations that directly increase the Power Quality, Reliability and Safety of the Data Center’s Electrical Network

From a wide range of services, we see these services being used in the Data centers industry.


What our clients say

Feedback from customers who have used our services always tries its best to bring satisfaction to customers.

Complete Testing and Commissioning contracts
  • All levels of data center testing and commissioning i.e. from FAT to L5
  •  Helped 30+ DC Sites get Commissioned
  • 5000+ Snags in various MEP Infra witness assignments
  • Accomplished in working with HyperScale DCs and Conglomerates
  • Custom testing, reports & project management tools powered by secqr®
  • Expert Engineers, Managers and Leaders for mission critical projects
Power System Studies and Design Validation
  • The very latest version of ETAP or equivalent is used to model the entire
    electrical network
  •  Analyses including but no limited to
    ■ Short circuit studies
    ■ Protective device coordination
    ■ Arc flash studies
    ■ Load flow studies
    ■ Harmonics analysis
  • 300+ MW of DC Electrical Networks validated for design, with multiple
    operational scenarios, loading conditions and faults
  • 2 decades+ of technical expertise applied to the reports
  • Design validation done for Tier Certification of the Uptime Institute
Third Party Testing (L2 - L5)
  • L2 Visual Inspection & Testing
    ■ HT & LT panels, Breakers & Cables
    ■ Distribution Transformers – Routine Tests, Efficiency/load loss, Partial
    Discharge, Oil BDV, Etc
    ■ Busducts, CRM & Heat Run Test – performed with Low Voltage High
    Current Methodology
  • Earthing System Checks – Earth Loop Impedance, Earth Continuity etc
  • Power Quality Analysis carried out with Advanced IEC 61000 Ed-3 Class A PQ
    ■ Burn in/functional/Load/Efficiency/Sequence of Operation tests – DGs,
    UPS, PDUs and other Electrical Equipment
    ■ Power Quality Assessment during the IST Scenarios
    ■ Reports consist of standards compliances/events analysis/ custom
    plots as per the end user/client/consultant requirements
  • Thermography throughout the commissioning process – Inspected and
    reviewed by Level 2 ASNT thermographers