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Risk Management Contracts

In-depth audits, recurring assessments and continuous monitoring with secqr® to create a safer & electrically reliable environment for the Hospital, thereby improving the quality of it’s healthcare delivery

Risks assessed for Mitigation

  • Electrical Risks to Human safety (Patient/Personnel/Visitors)
  • Fire hazards
  • Medical Electronics Systems – downtime, damage, malfunctions
  • Damage to Electrical Equipment & Systems
  • Unplanned interruptions
  • Financial losses and penalties


  • All Electrical Risks to Life & Assets
  • All Fire Risks
  • Electrical Asset Failure Protection
  • Power Reliability & Healthy Operation of Electrical Loads
  • Healthy Operation of Medical Electronics
  • Protection of Medical Electronics
  • Electrical Asset Performance & Life Assessment
  • Electrical Fault Isolation

From a wide range of services, this service is being used in Hospitals.


What our clients say

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Root cause analysis
  • Bespoke Studies to solve specific issues
    • 2+ decades of experience in Electrical Network Diagnostics
    • Applying advanced monitoring equipment such as
      • Advanced Power Quality Analysers (Class A) with remote configuration and control
      • Load analysers with live monitoring and instant report generation, along with accessories such as customized & clamp on / flexible type CTs