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Complete Testing and Commissioning contracts
  • All levels of data center testing and commissioning i.e. from FAT to L5
  •  Helped 30+ DC Sites get Commissioned
  • 5000+ Snags in various MEP Infra witness assignments
  • Accomplished in working with HyperScale DCs and Conglomerates
  • Custom testing, reports & project management tools powered by secqr®
  • Expert Engineers, Managers and Leaders for mission critical projects
Power System Studies and Design Validation
In Data Center: Male IT Technician Running Maintenance Programme on a Laptop, Controls Operational Server Rack Optimal Functioning. Modern High-Tech Operational Super Computer in Neon Colours, Lights
  • The very latest version of ETAP or equivalent is used to model the entire
    electrical network
  •  Analyses including but no limited to
    – Short circuit studies
    – Protective device coordination
    – Arc flash studies
    – Load flow studies
    – Harmonics analysis
  • 300+ MW of DC Electrical Networks validated for design, with multiple
    operational scenarios, loading conditions and faults
  • 2 decades+ of technical expertise applied to the reports
  • Design validation done for Tier Certification of the Uptime Institute
Third Party Testing (L2 - L5)
  • L2 Visual Inspection & Testing
    – HT & LT panels, Breakers & Cables
    – Distribution Transformers – Routine Tests, Efficiency/load loss, Partial
    Discharge, Oil BDV, Etc
    – Busducts, CRM & Heat Run Test – performed with Low Voltage High
    Current Methodology
  • Earthing System Checks – Earth Loop Impedance, Earth Continuity etc
  • Power Quality Analysis carried out with Advanced IEC 61000 Ed-3 Class A PQ
    – Burn in/functional/Load/Efficiency/Sequence of Operation tests – DGs,
    UPS, PDUs and other Electrical Equipment
    – Power Quality Assessment during the IST Scenarios
    – Reports consist of standards compliances/events analysis/ custom
    plots as per the end user/client/consultant requirements
  • Thermography throughout the commissioning process – Inspected and
    reviewed by Level 2 ASNT thermographers
Root cause analysis

Bespoke Studies to solve specific issues

  • 2+ decades of experience in Electrical Network Diagnostics
  • Applying advanced monitoring equipment such as
    • Advanced Power Quality Analysers (Class A) with remote configuration and control
    • Load analysers with live monitoring and instant report generation, along with accessories such as customized & clamp on / flexible type CTs
Advanced Diagnostic Products
  • Advanced Power Quality Analysers (Class A) with remote communication
  • Load analysers with real time monitoring and instant report generation, along with accessories such as customized & clamp on / flexible type CTs
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