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secqr® is Efficienergi’s cloud based analytics platform, specializing in delivering actionable insights through in depth scrutiny of various electrical networks.

60,000+ Electrical Locations accurately tested through

How does it work?

secqr® collects data from various sources, such as PQ analyzers, monitoring devices, secqr® app used by clients, partners and our engineers as well as Electrical Network Health instruments

The cloud based analytics engine thoroughly analyzes the data based on various test modules and national international standards

Output is presented in the form of automated reports, notifications/alerts consisting of electrical network benchmarking and insights, projections and predictions


Calculates RoI for suggested investments to improve network health 

Gives Instant Reporting for immediate actions

Empowers with historical analysis to spot patterns and trends over long-term

Facilitates quick and exact retrieval from vast data through digital storage and search

First Cloud-based, mobile & IoT enabled application in its league

Provides risk quantification for the facility’s reliability and safety

Converges insights in a central cloud, as opposed to site based  registers

Enables self-servicing for electrical/ maintenance staff with easy structured procedures

With secqr® Every component in the electrical network is covered, right from the Sources to the Loads and the issues that come with it!


  • Reports – Easy to understand Accurate, Fully Automated 
  • integrated with 20+ years of technical expertise 
  • Automated Compliance – All relevant National/International Standards 
  • Continuous monitoring – Live alerts and notifications
  • Effective, Actionable Insights with Risk Prioritization 
  • Test modules specific to client segments
Why secqr®?


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PQaaS (Power Quality as a Service) 

secqr® enables one of the most advanced and cutting edge Power Quality Analyzer with remote communication, configuration and control, thereby opening up immense possibilities in solving various PQ challenges easily and efficiently.

Remote Monitoring Powered by secqr®

  • IEC 61000-4-30 Class A advanced PQ analysers
    • > 25000 Samples/second
    • Seamless cloud communication
  • Most versatile application of our cloud analytics platform – secqr®
  • 24/7, accurate Remote monitoring, communication and control
  • Live event monitoring & automated reports


  • Predict Failures / Anomalies in advance
  • Audit Recommendations that enable End-users to Discover, Understand, Act upon and Comply
  • Easy to grasp Reports with clear Plan of Action
  • Adhering Indian & International Standards
  • Effective root cause analysis
  • Priority to low cost – no cost solutions
  • PF Improvement and Savings – Up to 20% Reduction in Billing
  • Improved Health and Stability of the Electrical Network

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